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Application for use/hire of Church buildings and facilities

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Many thanks for your application, we process the applications once a week, if your requested booking is within the next 7days please email us at - an extra administration fee may apply.

Once you have completed your booking details simply click the submit button and we'll get back to you over the next week.


Note: any QUC group or ministry - please do not complete the form below, instead click here and complete our room request form



Purpose of Use

Tip: a short description of what you are wanting to use the room for?

Booking - details

please complete the following section indicating the relevant information:

  • date(s);
  • start and end time of the your booking(s);
  • the day(s) of the week;
  • frequency (ie weekly/fortnightly/monthly); and/or
  • the final date of your booking (if over a term etc);






Room and Equipment

Tip: please indicate which room(s) you want to use? If you are making more than one booking and you wish to use different rooms for each booking, please make a note below in the Room and Equipment comments section

Tip: (including numbers of tables and chairs)



Booking Fee(s)

Tip: (an additional $50 per event needs to be added if you do not have your own insurance)




It is a condition of use, that all (non-QUC) users of the building have a Public Liability Policy of at least $5,000,000. If you already hold your own insurance, we'll need to see a current Certificate of Currency. If you do not hold the necessary insurance, you will need to complete the insurance application at the top of this form.

Please note:

Please ensure you read the Guidelines for Use and insurance documents - see links above. Also please note the booking is not confirmed until all fees have been paid (or arrangements have been put in place) and appropriate documents submitted and approved. By making the following submission you confirm that you have read and understand the above.

Please click on the submit button to complete your application.